Little Bird Wants To Fly


Ben was a small and curious bird with bright, colorful feathers. He had always dreamed of soaring high up in the sky like the big birds he admired.

One sunny morning, Ben woke up and looked at the fluffy clouds in the sky. He hopped out of his cozy nest and said, “Mom, Dad, I want to fly up to the sky like the big birds!”

His mom, a kind and gentle bird, smiled and said, “Oh, Ben, that’s a big dream. But you’re still a little bird, and you need to learn how to fly.”

Dad agreed and said, “That’s right, my son. You need to practice and be patient.”

Ben agreed and tried to learn to fly. He flapped his little wings as hard as he could, but he couldn’t get off the ground. He sighed and said, “It’s so hard to fly!”

His friend, Rabbit, hopped over and asked, “What’s wrong, Ben?”

Ben replied, “I want to fly like the big birds, but I can’t.”

Rabbit said, “Don’t worry, Ben. Let me show you something.” Rabbit led Ben to a gentle slope nearby.

Rabbit explained, “See, Ben, you can practice flying down this slope. It will help you learn to control your wings and balance.”

Ben listened carefully, and with a hopeful look in his eye, he decided to give it a try. He took a deep breath and flapped his wings as he slid down the slope. He went a little higher this time, and it felt wonderful!

Ben screamed with joy, “I did it! I flew a little bit!”

Rabbit smiled and said, “That’s the spirit, Ben. Keep practicing, and soon you’ll be soaring in the sky.”

Every day, Ben practiced on the slope, getting a little better each time. He felt his wings getting stronger, and his confidence grew. He met a friendly ladybug who watched him practice and cheered him on.

One day, while practicing, Ben felt a gentle breeze lift him off the ground. He flapped his wings, and with a burst of excitement, he was flying! He shouted, “I’m flying! I’m really flying!”

Ladybug buzzed around in joy. “You did it, Ben! You’re a real bird now!”

Ben soared through the air, feeling the wind beneath his wings. He could see the world from a whole new point of view. He flew over the meadow, saying hi to all his friends, and he spotted his parents below, beaming with pride.

Dad shouted, “That’s our little bird, soaring high!”

Ben felt on top of the world, but he knew he owed his success to practice and determination. He landed gracefully and said to Rabbit and Ladybug, “Thank you for believing in me my friends, and thank you for cheering me on!”

Rabbit replied, “You’re welcome, Ben. We always knew you could do it.”

As the sun began to set, Ben shared his flying journeys with his friends. He told them how practice, patience, and a little help from his friends had made his dream come true.

From that day on, Ben became the best flyer in the meadow. He flew alongside the big birds, showing them that even little birds could achieve great things. And he was always happy to help his friends learn to fly, just like he had. So, kids, remember, just like Ben the little bird, if you dream big and work hard, you can achieve anything you set your mind to, even if you start small. The key is to keep practicing and never give up.

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