Bunny Hood


One sunny morning, as the golden rays of the sun gently peeked into Benny’s relaxed burrow, his heart got a newfound willpower and shouted to his fellow bunny friends, “hey my friends”. He desired to be similar to Robin Hood, the legendary hero of the forest who got here to the aid of these in need. “I am the Robin Hood” his eyes shining with newfound willpower.

With a hop, Benny set out into the garden, ready to begin on his mission to be a hero. Sally the cute small squirrel became desperately looking to attain a plump, juicy acorn that hanged high in a tree’s branches.

Benny asked, “Can I be of help in having that acorn for you”

Sally’s eyes twinkled with happy. “Oh, Benny, that might be really nice of you.

With a quick jump and an outstretched paw, Benny plucked the acorn. Sally expressed his joy in it. “You’re my hero, Benny Hood”

Benny’s heart filled with happy, and he replied “I’m happy to have been able to assist, Tommy”

The next day, Benny quickly noticed a family of birds sat high in their nest. Their little beaks opened wide, hungry and asking for their foods. Mama Bird turned into tirelessly trying to find meals to feed her kids.

Benny requested with kindly, “Mama Bird, would you allow me to find foods on your own family?”

Mama Bird’s eyes shining with thankfulness, “Oh, Benny Hood, that could be really interesting”

Benny hopped into the berry trees, his little paws collecting the sweetest, juiciest berries he may want to discover. Mama Bird and her kids screamed with pleasure as they enjoyed their meal. Mama Bird sang Benny’s praises, “You’ve complete our day, Benny Hood”

Benny’s heart filled with happy, “It made me happy, Mama Bird”

As the day turned in to night, Benny noticed an aged Grandma, inside the village. She was tirelessly suffering to carry a heavy bag of nuts returned to her home.

Benny could not assist but provide his help. “Grandma, can also I give my paw and carry that heavy bag for you?”

Grandma’s eyes shone with thankful, and she replied with heartfelt sincerity, “Oh, Benny Hood, you’re a real lifesaver”

With the heavy bag now upon his returned, Benny hopped alongside Grandma, avoid her tired and making her journey in less difficult. Grandma praised him kind-heartedly, “You’re my hero, Benny Hood”

Benny’s heart filled with happy and said “I’m right here to assist, Grandma”

Under calm shine of moon, Benny returned to his burrow, a great sense of happiness filled his heart. He understood that being a hero wasn’t about wearing a fancy hat, but about showing care for those in need.

Benny understood that even though he might not be exactly like Robin Hood, he had end up something even greater high-quality – Benny Hood, the great hero of the jungle.

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