Aladdin And The Magic Lamp


Aladdin was poor and would usually walk the bustling streets in search of foods to eat or money to steal.

One morning when Aladdin was out searching for food, he bumped right into a tall mysterious looking man. “Out of my way boy!” the man shouted. But then he studied Aladdin curiously.

“What is your name child?” the man asked.

“I am Aladdin sir,” the timid boy replied.

“Well Aladdin, you are just the one I’ve been looking for!” said the man. “I am your long lost uncle and have traveled many miles to find you!”

Aladdin was surprised. “An uncle? But my parents died when I was very small. I live on the streets by myself,” Aladdin said, confused.

“Allow me to introduce myself, I am Mustafa the Magician!” said the man with a flourishing bow. “I am your father’s brother. Now come, and I will teach you magic and change your fortunes!”

Though Aladdin wondered if the fancily dressed man told the truth, he decided to go with him. Anywhere was better than the dingy streets. Mustafa brought Aladdin fine foods to eat and new clothes, treating him like a son. Aladdin enjoyed learning small magic tricks from clever Mustafa.

After some days, Mustafa said to Aladdin “It is time now for your first big test! Deep in a hidden cave outside of town lies a magic oil lamp. Retrieve this lamp for me to prove you are a worthy magician’s student!”

Mustafa led Aladdin miles outside of city to a desolate spot in the desert surrounded by tall peaks. Mustafa did a mystical chant and suddenly the sand split open revealing stone steps that led underground!

Aladdin marveled at the secret passage. But Mustafa shook his head saying, “Only you must go in alone to fetch me the enchanted lamp!”

Nervous but trusting Mustafa, young Aladdin slowly climbed down into the deep mysterious cave as the opening sealed shut behind him. Aladdin went down endless steps until he reached a massive cavern filled with shimmering gold treasures! Strange weapons, stacks of coins, shimmering jewels met his eyes. Sitting atop a tall pillar of stone was an old oil lamp. Just like Mustafa described!

As Aladdin lifted the lamp, the cave started shaking violently! Quickly Aladdin dashed up the stone steps toward the entrance but was met with only smooth rock wall now. “Mustafa! Where is the opening?” Aladdin yelled. He pushed hard on the sealed cave entrance, but nothing worked. Aladdin, trapped beneath the earth, burst in tears.

Two days passed while the poor child sat alone and sad inside the secret cave. Aladdin furiously wiped the antique lamp he had spent everything to obtain to use for himself. An enormous creature stood over Aladdin, accompanied by enormous thunder and waves of blue smoke!

“I am the Genie of the Lamp!” boomed the magical being. “For freeing me after a thousand years, I shall grant you three wishes!”

At first Aladdin could barely speak, he was so shocked. Then laughing with joy, he made his first wish – a feast fit for a sultan! Plates of fruits, rice, lamb and sweets appeared instantly. After the starving boy ate his fill for the first time in days, he made his second wish – to get out of this scary cave!

With a blink, Aladdin found himself back in city Agrabah outside Mustafa’s dwelling. He laughed thinking Mustafa will be so pleased to get the magic lamp at last! But knocking excitedly brought no answer. Aladdin then learned from people nearby that the old man had packed up and left town unexpectedly just that morning!

Confused and saddened to be abandoned again, Aladdin retreated to his familiar alley. As he curled up to sleep that night, he warmly remembered his kindly mother who had passed away. For his third wish, Aladdin asked the genie to build him a beautiful palace to honor her memory.

The next morning, the entire kingdom was buzzing about the suddenly splendid palace that had appeared overnight beside the sultan’s own! Soon Aladdin moved in with lavish feasts, costly silks and gold finery surrounding him, as news of his overnight fabulous wealth grew.

When passing citizens saw Aladdin’s radiant palace, they marveled “Could this be the same dirty street boy from yesterday? He must be a powerful sorcerer!” Merchants crowded the gates hoping to sell their wares and gain his fortune’s favor.

As word eventually reached the sultan about the palace, he resented an unknown stranger suddenly having greater riches in their land. “Bring this Aladdin here at once!” the sultan demanded. When handsome Aladdin arrived to bow before him in gleaming robes, the sultan was appeased.

Most dazzled of all was the sultan’s daughter, Princess Jasmine. “Father I must meet this Aladdin!” she pleaded eagerly. Soon a royal invitation arrived to dine at the palace. Aladdin was eager but very nervous to meet the princess.

“Do not stress, I will assist you my friend,” offered the genie. With a snap of his fingers, the genie conjured up gleaming jewels, perfumes, silks and golden camels laden with additional gifts for the sultan and princess. Laughing in gratitude, Aladdin happily set off, guided as always by his magical friend.

Princess Jasmine was utterly enchanted by handsome Aladdin on first sight, and surprised by his humility and kindness. The sultan approved this charming boy. Before long, talks turned to uniting their splendid palaces in marriage. Joyfully Aladdin & Jasmine accepted, eagerly planning their wedding feast.

But not everyone celebrated. Mustafa the magician watched bitterly from afar as his clever plan to acquire the magic lamp unraveled. He had cruelly tricked naive Aladdin only to fetch this power for himself. Now this boy who should be trapped beneath the earth was instead living a charmed life! His heart was filled with jealousy and anger.

Mustafa, dressed as a poor lantern seller, went selling his products toward Aladdin’s wedding parade one day. Calling softly so only the new princess could hear, “Your highness! Would you like to exchange your old lamp for one of my sparkling new ones to better light your palace?”

Confused, Princess Jasmine brought the old lamp she spotted in their bedchamber to exchange with the polite old merchant. Gleefully Mustafa made off with his hard won prize. As the lamp’s new master, the magician wasted no time in making his vicious wishes.

“Lamp of the Spirit!” Mustafa laughed cruelly, “Transport this palace with the false prince and princess to a barren frozen zone!” Aladdin awakened the next morning freezing on the cold tundra, his precious princess and kingdom nowhere in to be seen. The only thing that left of his miraculous ring was a farewell present from the genie.

Rubbing the ring, Aladdin summoned the genie who regretfully explained what had happened. “My new cruel master is Mustafa the magician. He tricked you before and has stolen the lamp to seek his revenge.”

Aladdin mourned sadly at his stolen happiness and the sudden death of his beloved princess. Though the genie’s magic could not change Mustafa’s desires, the devoted spirit created methods to slip Princess Jasmine meals and warm furs over the next few days.

Eventually the vengeful Mustafa discovered the genie’s trickery. “Slave of the lamp!” he bellowed, “Send this palace to the furthest corner of the earth surrounded by raging lava seas!” For days Aladdin fruitlessly scoured the empty land for his only love.

Nearly collapsing in despair, he twisted the gift ring from the genie who sadly confirmed Jasmine had been taken even farther away this time. But the genie gently added “All is not lost dear friend… the magician Mustafa himself journeys to view his enemy’s demise. Now we may try to retrieve what is yours.”

Disguised in simple robes, Aladdin allowed the genie to transport him to the ends of the earth where at long last he spotted his princess’ palace encircled by bubbling hot lava. There too was Mustafa hastening toward it, gleefully believing his foe finished.

Sneaking up behind, quick-thinking Aladdin wrestled the lamp out of the magician’s hands and triumphantly commanded “Spirit of the lamp, I am your master again! Please return my wife and our palace to Agrabah!”

Howling in fury as his power slipped away, Mustafa scrambled to grab his stolen prize back. But Aladdin was too fast for him this time. “Genie of the lamp,” Aladdin declared, “Banish this liar and thief Mustafa away to deserts unknown, never to harm another soul again!”

With loud protests and screaming curses, the magician found himself instantly swirling away on winds high up into the air, exiled far from Agrabah by the lamp’s magic might.

At long last Aladdin was reunited with his radiant Princess Jasmine as their palace glimmered back under the warm desert sun. The sultan himself presided over a second wedding ceremony for Aladdin and Jasmine, even more lavish than the first. From then on, the genie stayed faithfully in Aladdin’s service, granting him a long life blessed with happiness and good fortune.

And Aladdin was always very careful to keep his magic lamp safe and sound. He and Princess Jasmine lived happily ever after in their beautiful palace with the genie’s magic making all their days bright.

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