The Monkey And The Deer


There were two most delightful friends called Max the monkey and Daisy the deer. They were best friends, and their friendship was the kind that filled the forest with laughter and joy.

One sunny morning, as the golden rays of the sun kissed the leaves and the forest came alive with chirping birds, Max and Daisy decided to do something special. They wanted to share the happiness they found in their favorite fruits with each other.

Max, with his nimble fingers and agile body, adored the bananas that hung high in the trees. Their yellow skin made him dance with delight and go “ooh-ooh-ah-ah” as he peeled each one. Daisy, graceful and gentle, had a soft spot for juicy red apples. Their sweet scent made her heart sing, and her nose twitched in excitement as she plucked them from tall branches.

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Together, they gathered the harvest of bananas and apples. The bananas were stacked high, and the apples gleamed like rubies in the morning light.

As they sat down under the shade of a wise old tree, ready to eat their delightful snacks, a faint cry touched their hearts. It was a little bird, its wings still too small to carry it through the sky, who had fallen from its nest high above.

Max and Daisy exchanged worried glances, their hearts filled with empathy. Without a second thought, they rushed to the little bird’s side. Gently, they touched it with their loving hands and lifted it toward the sky.

With great care and tenderness, they helped the bird back to its nest, high among the branches. The little bird’s family, afluttering with relief, surrounded it with love and gratitude. They sang a sweet, melodious song that echoed through the forest, a song of thanks and joy.

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As Max and Daisy finally settled down to enjoy their fruits, they couldn’t help but feel a warm glow of happiness inside. They realized that, even when they had something yummy to eat, it was just as important to lend a helping hand to those in need.

The forest seemed to smile at their kindness that day, as if the trees whispered secrets of their own. The bond between Max the monkey and Daisy the deer grew stronger, and their hearts were forever touched by the magic of friendship and compassion.

” And so, Max the monkey and Daisy the deer enjoyed their fruits with full hearts, knowing that they had done something kind and wonderful that day, not just for the little bird but also for their own souls.

Moral of the Story: “Friends help each other, even when they have something yummy to eat.

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