The Box With Full Of Kisses


On a wintry Christmas Eve, a lovely little girl named Marina lived in a lovely little house. With her family’s poverty, she had enormous goals and a heart full of love. Marina had a really special Christmas this year. She had a plan to make it memorable.

Marina’s eyes sparkled as she carefully wrapped an old shoebox with shiny gold paper. The paper had been left over from last year’s Christmas decorations. Money was tight in their family, and her father had told her not to waste it, but Marina had a secret idea.

With a twinkle in her eye and a giggle in her heart, she imagined the surprise on her father’s face when he saw the golden box she was decorating so lovingly. She believed that a beautiful gift would bring joy to her dad’s heart.

However, when Marina’s father discovered what she had done, his face turned rude. “Marina!” he shouted. “Do you know how expensive that wrapping paper was? You’ve wasted almost the entire roll!”

Marina’s heart sank as she realized her father was upset. She had hoped he would understand her special gift. She couldn’t get over the sadness she felt that night.

But Marina was not one to give up easily. The next morning, she woke up early and tiptoed to the Christmas tree. She carefully placed the golden box there and waited for her father to wake up.

When her father finally came into the room, he noticed the box with a mixture of surprise and annoyance. “What’s this, Marina?” he asked, opening the box.

To his confusion, the box was empty. His sadness grew as he said, “Marina, when you give someone a gift, it’s supposed to have something inside.”

Tears welled up in Marina’s eyes as she looked up at her father. “Daddy, this box is not empty,” she whispered. “I filled it with my kisses, all for you.”

Her father’s rude face melted when he saw the depth of her love. He felt an ache in his throat and hugged his daughter passionately. “I’m so sorry, Marina,” he replied, his voice breaking with pain. “I should have known better.”.”

From that moment on, the golden box held a special place in her father’s heart. He kept it near his bed, and whenever he felt sad or downhearted, he would open the box and think of the love that his little daughter had poured into it.

As the years passed, the golden box became a reminder of the precious gift of unconditional love. Marina’s act of love had touched her father’s heart deeply, and he cherished her love more than anything else in the world.

And so, my dear friends remember that the most precious gifts don’t always come wrapped in fancy paper or cost a lot of money. It’s the love and kindness we give to one another that truly matter. Just like Marina’s golden box filled with kisses, the love we share with our family, friends, and God is the most precious possession anyone could ever hold. So, let your hearts be filled with love, and may your lives be blessed with the warmth of that love, now and forever.

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