Secret Cheese Party


Little Mouse loved cheese more than anything. He loved cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, and goat cheese. He loved soft, melty cheese, hard, crumbly cheese, and everything in between. Yum, yum, yummy cheese!

At home in his mouse hole, when Little Mouse woke up in the morning, his first thought was cheese. As he brushed his tiny teeth, he dreamed of nibbling cheese. And as soon as breakfast was over, he would walk straight to the kitchen to hunt for delicious, wonderful cheese!

In the big, shiny kitchen, Little Mouse would squeeze under doors and crawl on his tippy toes. Then he would squeeze behind the trash can by the counter, because there he could stand on his hind legs and just peek over the edge at the bounty of cheese inside the fridge!

From Cheddar Hill on the second shelf to Swiss Valley on the door and Feta Forest in the crisper, cheese of all kinds would fill Little Mouse’s view! His mouth would water, and his whiskers would wiggle in anticipation.

If only…if only he could sneak a little cheese without the BUSY BIG PEOPLE in the kitchen seeing him! He had to be so careful not to get…

SWOOSH! “Shoo, little mouse!” The instant the broom swept at him, Little Mouse would go dashing on his little mouse feet back to his hole with his tummy still empty, empty, empty. No time for cheese today! Drat!

Day after day, it seemed every time Little Mouse got a peek at the glorious fridge full of cheese, those great thundering feet would come stomping, stomping, stomping. And that mean old broom would come swooshing through to chase Little Mouse away as quick as a wink. When would he ever get just one tiny nibble of cheese?

Then, late one night, curled up yawning and getting ready for bed, Little Mouse had the most magnificent idea ever…

He would throw a spectacular cheese party and invite all his mouse friends! They would feast on cheese ’til their tummies were full and have the most marvelous time ever!

There would be mountains of melty cheddar and rivers of gooey Swiss! What a splendid idea! Little Mouse was tucked in his blanket, dreaming happy dreams about his wonderful cheese party. It would be delicious and delightful!

But wait, how could a cheese party happen with all those big people around? Hmm, it would have to be a secret party, Little Mouse decided! They must not hear even a peep, or the broom will come swooping!

So Little Mouse began sending out fancy invitations to all his mouse neighbors up and down the walls. But each invitation came with an important reminder:

Squeak squeaker, squeak squeakity! (Keep the cheese party quiet; don’t breathe a peep!)

Next Little Mouse tiptoed quietly through the attic, collecting party supplies. He found pretty streamers to decorate with and a record player for music. Perfect! This would be the best secret cheese party ever!

Little Mouse could barely sleep that night; he was so excited. Finally, it was the day! Little Mouse hung up cheery streamers and balloons. His friends arrived dressed in party hats and disguises, just in case.

Then, under the cover of night, when the whole house was dark and silent, Little Mouse led his sneaky guests single-file down the hall. Everyone was extra careful not to make a single sound. No stomping or scritch-scratching is allowed at this party!

At last, they reached their destination—the fridge! Little Mouse gave the signal, and quick as a flash, his pals raced up the shelves, grabbing cheeses of every shape and size. What a feast they would have!

Soon, the fridge was empty. The mice rushed the giant wheels of cheddar and Swiss bolts back to Little Mouse’s mouse hole for their spectacular secret cheese party!

They gobbled up tangy cheddar and smooth Swiss until their tummies were stuffed. The mice danced joyously to music as more and more cheese rapidly disappeared. What a party!

But suddenly…THUMP THUMP THUMP! No, it couldn’t be! But it was the sound of giant feet coming their way! Oh no!

In a flash, the mice scrambled, grabbing the leftover cheese. They all scurried quick as a wink back under moldings and behind walls out of sight, just as the big people entered. Safe in their holes, they hid, nibbling the last bites of cheese. What an adventure! Their tummies were full at last, for the first time in forever!

The SECRET CHEESE PARTY is still remembered as a mouse legend. But don’t tell anyone! Or the BROOM might hear…and Little Mouse still hopes to sneak just one more nibble of cheese someday!

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