My New Haircut


I’m Andrie, and I’ve got a super cool story to tell you all about my new haircut!

You see, yesterday, I woke up with my hair looking like a wild jungle. It was all over the place! I could barely see through it, and it made me look like a shaggy dog. My mom said it was time for a haircut, and off we went to the neighborhood barber shop.

As I walked into the barber shop, I saw a big, shiny chair that looked like a spaceship. The barber, Mr. Smith, was waiting for me with a friendly smile. He asked me to hop up into the chair, and I felt like a superhero getting ready for a mission.

I sat really still as Mr. Smith wrapped a big, striped cape around my neck. It felt like I had my very own superhero cape! I couldn’t help but smile, and Mr. Smith asked, “So, what kind of haircut would you like today, Andrie?”

I thought for a moment. I didn’t want to look like a shaggy dog anymore, but I also didn’t want to lose all my hair. So, I said, “I want a haircut that’s short on the sides and a little bit longer on top, please!”

Mr. Smith nodded and picked up his shiny scissors. Snip, snip, snip went the scissors as he carefully cut my hair. It felt a bit ticklish, but I didn’t giggle because I wanted to be a brave customer.

While he was cutting, Mr. Smith told me funny stories about his own journeys when he was a little boy. I laughed so hard that I almost fell out of the spaceship chair!

When he finished cutting, he showed me the mirror, and I couldn’t believe my eyes! My new haircut looked awesome! It was short on the sides, just like I wanted, and a bit longer on top. I looked like a cool, stylish superhero.

Mr. Smith even gave me a lollipop as a reward for being such a good customer. I felt so proud of my new haircut and my bravery in the barber chair.

When I got home, I showed off my new look to my family, and they all said how handsome I looked. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Now, I don’t look like a shaggy dog anymore. I look like a superhero with my fantastic new haircut! Every time I look in the mirror, I remember the fun I had at the barber shop and how being brave paid off.

So, kids, remember, getting a haircut can be super cool. Just be brave like me, and who knows, you might discover your inner superhero too!

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