If You Give A Pig A Pie


If you give a pig a pie, he’ll ask for some ice cream to go with it. And after licking up the sweet, creamy ice cream, he’ll probably get thirsty and ask for some apple juice.

When you give him a nice, big glass of cold apple juice, he’ll drink the whole thing down. Then he realizes his face is dirty and sticky, so he’ll grab a towel, wipe off his mouth, and ask where the bathroom is so he can wash up.

You’ll show the messy pig where the bathroom sink is so he can scrub his little hoofs and swirly tail all nice and clean. But when he’s done making muddy puddle footprints on the bath mat, he’ll ask for some bubbly bubble bath to splash around in and get really squeaky clean.

After the tub is filled up with piles of pink bubble bath bubbles, it will jump the silly pig with a big splash and a giggle! He’ll scrub and sing, soap and oink, splish, splash, and wiggle his curly tail, having a bubbly good time in the tub!

When the water starts getting cold and the bubbles are gone, out will hop the pink pig, all rosy, from his snout to his toes. But then he’ll shake water everywhere—sploosh, sploosh! Oopsie! Now the floor is soaked.

So you’ll give that silly, drippy pig a big fuzzy towel to dry off with. He’ll rub and scrub his head dry, then ask for a hairdryer to finish the job. Vrrrmmm. The hot air will dry his curly pigtail straight like a noodle! So funny!

Once he’s all cozy and warm, that tired pig will probably start yawning. And he just might ask to snuggle up nice and comfy somewhere for a little nap.

You’ll tuck him into a cozy blanket nest, and he’ll drift off, snoring away—oink, oink, snort! Curled up tight, that sleepy pig will smile as he dreams sweet dreams of pies, bubbles, and ice cream floats.

After his nap, when he wakes up, that hungry pig will surely ask for another yummy snack. He’ll oink and wiggle his snout, hoping for more tasty treats!

Maybe he’ll ask for a crunchy apple or some warm cornbread muffins, fresh from the oven. Or perhaps a big leafy salad topped with his favorite cheese cubes! I can’t forget more cheese!

But since he already had pie today, he probably won’t ask for cake or cookies this time. Though he does love cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles, we’ll see if he can resist! That little piggie sure loves his sweets.

When his round tummy is completely full, he’ll stretch and pat his belly, saying, “Oh, I couldn’t take another bite!” But just wait—soon he’ll get hungry again and ask, “What’s for dinner?”

He’ll hope you’ll say spaghetti, loaded cheesy pizza, or maybe hot dogs and potato chips! Yum! That growing pig is always ready to eat.

But for now, with his belly full, he’ll just look around for something fun to do next. Maybe he’ll ask for some crayons and paper to make you a nice picture. He’s very creative, that artistic little piggy!

Or perhaps he’d like to read a book full of silly poems that make him giggle—snort, snort! He has such a funny laugh, loud and squeaky like a rubber duck!

How amusing!

As the day goes by, that playful pig will probably ask to dress up. He’ll twirl and spin wearing ties, big floppy hats, and shiny bead necklaces. What a funny sight!

When he gets dizzy, he may ask for a ball so he can play catch or bounce around outside for a while. Whee! He loves being active and running around—such an energetic little porcine!

After lots of playing, that worn-out pig will start looking sleepy again. He may ask for some warm milk to help him fall asleep. And a lullaby would be nice too, as he snuggles into his blanket for the night.

Soon he’ll be sailing off to dreamland for sweet dreams about all the fun he had today. And the adventure will start again tomorrow when he wakes up and asks, “Hey, can I have some more pie? Please!”

Because when you give a pig a pie, one thing always leads to another with this silly little oinker! But that’s just how pigs are, and we love them anyway!

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